Promoted with the vision to explore opportunities from the current industrial needs by the qualified professionals having greater exposures in executing various multi-disciplined projects.

SEPL will have highly sophisticated infrastructures in its fabrication unit for having delivery of the products with stringent quality levels and strive for having rapid developments in line with project needs. SEPL has a team of qualified enthusiastic engineers in various disciplines who work exclusively on developing and delivering products to the requirements.


SEPL has a suit of qualified welding procedures that utilize SMAW, TIG, SAW, Narrow Gap SAW and Plasma Arc processes. The majority of SPRY procedures are qualified to ASME requirements.

Building the technology to cater future needs and providing technical solutions to all types of industrial issues. Our foundation is built over the quality determination, reliability and safety culture. SEPL has come a long way in being recognized as a major construction company in India and Abroad.

One of our company’s strongest personality traits is commitment. We are committed to our clients, our team members, and our industry and to each other. Commitment is a trait that all the best teams and their members must possess.

With the emerging global demand for construction industry and ours use of the latest technology and ability to deliver value has made us one of the fastest-growing members of the downstream civil construction market. We have set out sights on contributing to a sustainable future which aligns with our goal of green environmental stewardship.